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John Cherokee

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Hello, and welcome to my personal blog about traveling. My name is John Cherokee, I am a person with a passion for traveling and a nature lover. Throughout my whole life, I loved to visit new places that I never been to, I am very happy and thankful that I can travel around the world.

A Little Bit About Me…

Wherever I travel to, I try to find some place where I can volunteer because I have found out that it is the best way to learn about some culture and meet the local people. My boy scout experience has helped me out in a lot of different situations. I try to use all the experience and knowledge that I got from the boy scouts.

Traveling is My Passion

Traveling has been my passion my entire life, even when I was a little kid, I always wanted to travel and visit new locations that I have never been to. The boy scouts experience was the best time of my life because I learned a lot of things and I have traveled a lot.

My Favourite Locations

Valley of the Fire

Valley of the Fire

Valley of the Fire is one place that I can never get enough of, definitely my favorite place. I have visited this place two times and I still want to go again to explore a little more. This location is full of hidden things ready to be discovered.



Fayetteville in West Virginia is most likely the coolest small town that you can visit in America. This little town is full of adventures. You can do many different things, I personally would like to go back there for a hike.

The Fort Union

The Fort Union

The Fort Union is a place located in New Mexico. It is a very interesting historic place that holds some remains of the largest military fort that was built in the Southwest. The scenery of this place is gorgeous and I definitely recommend visiting it.

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Life Is an Adventure

I know that life is a crazy adventure, that’s why I try to live it the fullest. I try to make good use of every second of my life and not to waste it sitting in an office doing work my entire life. I choose this lifestyle because I wouldn’t be able to sit home knowing what this planet can offer to me.