One of the best skills I learned as part of the boy scouts was how to choose the perfect base, when you need to camp out for the night.

There are a number of steps you can take also, based on boy scout techniques, that will ensure that you have a very positive camping out experience.

Below, I’ve listed some steps you can take to make sure your camping trip is the best yet.

Find Nice, Flat Terrain: 

Scout about for an area that is plenty flat. Avoid areas that may seem like there are stones or rocks close to the surface, as these tend to rise up into your back, just as you are settling down for the night.

Ideally, if you can get someplace that is both flat, with some underlying natural cushioning, such as moss or grass, these are the best sites to set your tent up on.

Avoid Trees That Seem Dead:

Murphy’s Law dictates that sometimes, the place that seems to be the most perfect spot ever, is right underneath a large dead tree.

And tempting an all as it may be to simply “chance it” for the sake of a few hours overnight, these areas are best avoided. A large limb could easily break off the tree overnight, falling on top of your tent.

And while there is benefit to choosing areas that may have some overhanging, natural shelter, there is no more rude awakening, than having a massive tree branch land on top of you at 3am!

Next To Water Spots Should Be Avoided:

It may seem perfectly ideal to camp next to water spots, for drinking water, cooking and washing purposes. However, if that water hole is ideal for you, you can sure bet it’s gonna be ideal for wild animals also.

Try and Choose Breezy Areas:

This might seem at least questionable, but it makes sense. Bugs and mosquitoes are less likely to bother you in breezy areas, and this choice will become perfectly clear once you are sat around the campfire!

Ensure The Site Appears Well Drained:

Imagine the scenario – around about 2am, you’re all tucked up in your sleeping bag, sound asleep. A pitter patter of rain on your tent, suddenly turns into a torrential downpour.

And just like that, you are sleeping in a massive puddle, because the area you’ve chosen has no drainage! These things happen to a lot of first time campers, but with a little prior knowledge, you can avoid them outright.

Choosing a campsite that is suitable isn’t a hard skill to learn. Just remember to clean up after yourself after you have finished on the site.

It’s the great outdoors for a reason, and it’s best to keep it that way – try and leave the site as if you were never there at all. Happy camping!