First-Aid Training

The first-aid training is a must in every boy scout program. So, if you want to learn very cool information about first-aid and get a proper training, I recommend that you try out the boy scouts. I personally have learned a lot of things about first-aid. In fact, everything that I know and what I use today, I learned during the boy scouts. The great thing about the training that you get is that you learn not just how to treat injuries or various illnesses, but you also will get taught how to avoid them and understand how they appear or what are some of the early signs and symptoms of an illness. That is very important because if you know how to avoid something, you will use that to your benefit and when something actually happens you will recognize the symptoms and you can react on time.

Map and Compass Use

These two things are usually the first things that you will be taught in boy scouts because the map and compass are necessary in order to not get lost. The training or instructions that you will get to use them will not take a long time, but it will take you a long time to get used to using them. I remember my first time when I needed to use the compass and map to get to a location. It was very interesting and at the same time scary situation because I got lost for real. I was out hiking in some new place and I got off the road and couldn’t find my way back. Thanks to the boy scout instructions about map and compass use I was able to find my way out of the place.

Starting a Fire

Fire is an essential part of a camping trip, and of course, essential for boy scouts too. When I was in the boy scouts, I had no idea how to start a fire, and I was actually little scared first because I saw on TV what terrible things fire can cause to a forest if it is not taken care of properly. The other kids were excited to learn how to do it, so I pretended to be excited too. I was surprised how detailed and secure the instruction was.