Boy Scouts are not known for their style. Every boy scout troop out there has a similar style of clothing that they wear when participating in group events. They all end up with a very traditional, brown colored, scouting outfit, whether they are two or fifty-two years old. This may be fine for cookie sales and helping neighbors, but it doesn’t do much for their image if they need to attend a more formal event with their group. It is during these rare circumstances that moms, dads, and scouts, search endlessly for scouting attire that is fit for fancier events.

The Traditional Boy Scout Attire

Boy Scout OutfitThe idea behind the uniform is to serve as a reminder to all scouts of their devotion to their troop. Beyond showing their commitment, when they put on the uniform, they are equals with others in the group. It is also useful as a way to tell which troop that boy belongs to in the event they get separated from their group. All it takes is a single glance at their badges, which makes it possible for even smaller boys to get involved in troop activities. These badges also show their achievements.

The More Formal Uniforms

Comfortable Dress WearWhat if a troop hosts a school dance? What if they host an awards ceremony and decide to dress more formally than their uniform would allow? For the most part, boy scouts never need to dress up their uniform any more than it already is. Adding to it or taking away from it, would make them less a part of the group. However, because each boy scout is unique in their personality, it may not be wrong of them to stand out on rare occasions and special events. They can do this by simply adding a 10 pocket leather vest to their uniform. It will keep them warm, give them a place to hold treasures they find on scavenger hunts, and look great at the more formal events. It adds to the uniform without taking anything away from it.

When Will You Dress Up?

For scouts, awards are a big deal because they show that you are a strong team member. It also means that you have a higher standing within the troop. Your uniform is your badge of honor, and you should never take that away from you. However, adding to it by adding a little of your unique personality should not be a bad thing for you to do. You can wear a jacket before your troop meetings, you can express your style before awards, and you can look great when you are hanging out with friends after the meeting has ended. A jacket, a new tie, whatever, does not have to become a part of your everyday scouting outfit, but on rare days when you need to stand out; it could be a wonderful thing. Does new traditions fit in with your boy scout troop?