Campfire TripodJust because you love spending time in the outdoors, does not mean you have to love all parts of nature. You can choose to embrace the tent, or you can relax in a cabin. You can enjoy swimming in the lake, or you can opt to sit around a campfire. The beauty of the outdoors is that there is always something for every person to enjoy doing most. The downside is, when you are having fun, pests are there to spoil it. What if there was a viable solution to mosquito and pest control that could be used on scouting trips? Would you enjoy it a little more?

For the Love of Nature

DeetEveryone loves the idea of camping and spending the time outdoors. Yet, we often hate that we are in the great outdoors. It comes with certain annoyances. Kids are often not excited to get mosquito bites. We don’t want to apply a lot of bug repellent to help them out. Adults who love scouting trips and camps, also dread getting “bugged”. The growing concern over DEET, only makes it worse. How do you manage to get beyond the bugs and back to having a good time?

Stop Bugs from Bothering Troops

As a scout leader, you know that time in the woods is more than a camping trip. You teach kids about teamwork. You explore the world. You get in touch with nature. No one wants a good trip to be spoiled by pests. Luckily, you have pest control options that can be effective on a weekend outing.

If you know that a big trip is coming up and the grounds may be wet from recent showers, plan for it. You can use foggers. They spray a chemical which can chase bugs away for a short time. However, many scout leaders do not want to have such a major impact on the campground. Another option for scouting retreats can be propane mosquito traps. You simply deploy these traps and they will work to draw biting bugs away from the campsite. They do not damage the environment. Your entire troop will notice fewer mosquito bites. It is advised that you take a trip to put traps up at least a few days before the troops will arrive. It is worth it.

Let the Camping Fun Begin

Bug Free CampingAny camping trip will experience some problem with insects and bug bites. You are in a bug’s territory when you set out for the nearest wooded camping space. You can’t change that, and you cannot eliminate all pests. Would you really want to? Solutions to pest free scouting trips are not supposed to kill all bugs. It allows troops and scouts to avoid walking into a breeding ground without protection. The point of a trip out is to have fun. Bugs should not be the thing that makes it miserable.