Whenever I feel the stress of day to day life beginning to build up on me, there is simply nothing better than heading out to a body of water, casting out my line, and reeling in some big ‘uns!

Fishing is one of those past times that really can help with the unwinding process. It’s like all those worries evaporate across the gentle waves of water, breaking against the shore.

If you are headed on a fishing trip soon, don’t forget to bring out some of these items with you (Other than your poles and hooks!)

A Good Fishing Net:

Many people head out fishing, and don’t bring a good net with them. The process of trying to land a fish, without a net, is a lot harder than simply gently placing the net under your catch and pulling in the net.

This is especially helpful if you intend on fishing “catch and release”. Good nets are inexpensive, and are usually foldable, so you aren’t weighed down or hindered by their size.

Surgical Style Gloves:

Handling fish can be nasty, and some species are especially slimy. Plastic surgical style gloves are a God send in this sense. They can even be used as glove liners for heavier gloves.

Just be sure to take them home with you for disposal when finished!

A Hook Extractor:

These can be gotten from bait stores everywhere, at a cost of a few bucks. They are extremely small, taking up virtually no room in your bait box. Furthermore, they are easy to use, and are kinder to the fish, making the removal of hooks much easier.

Waterproof Baggies:

If you intend on bringing the catch of the day home for some good cookin’ later, it’s a good idea to have some waterproof bags with you. I find the zip lock bags are the best for this, as they are easily secured, even with one hand.

Powdered Gatorade:

Thirst can catch up with you quickly while out on the water. Powdered Gatorade is ideal, as the little sachets take up hardly any room at all, and are ideal to help you keep up those hydration levels!

Of course, if you’re having a couple beers while out on the water, this step might not concern you, but make sure to moderate your alcohol intake while near bodies of water.

Accidents always occur to people who say “ya, but it’ll never happen to me”.

Fold Up Fishing Stool:

A fold up fishing stool is another essential item to make sure you bring with you.

Lightweight, and usually coming with a shoulder strap for transportation, you will be glad you have brought this with you, as the day can get quite long standing on a river bank or lake shore.

Some even come with built in rod rests, making the process of fishing a breeze!

Fishing is a real pleasure, and even more so, armed with some of the above items!