The time of year is fast approaching where many people decide it is time to spend a little bit of time in the great outdoors, camping. I myself like to spend time out on fishing trips or when I go kayaking, immersed in Mother Nature.

But I’ve learned down through the years, both in my time with the boy scouts, and on my own personal trips, that there are some essential items that should be packed (and some treats too of course!).

I’ve listed some of these for you, to help you enjoy your camping trip even more!

Toilet Paper / Wet Wipes:

When nature calls, while out in Mother Nature herself, you don’t want to get caught short.

Toilet paper packed by itself tends to get damp very easily. I find that if you pack your toilet paper in an old coffee can, it will stay perfectly dry.

Wet wipes are very handy too, but if you choose to use these, make sure the brand you buy is bio degradable, as traditional wipes simply won’t break down, due to the materials they are made with.

Starbursts Make a Fantastic Camp Fire Treat!

Maybe you are not the biggest fan of marshmallows, or perhaps you are looking for a fruiter alternative. If so, you have got to try this!

Placing a Starburst fruit chew over the camp fire makes a wonderful treat. Crispy and crunchy on the outside, hot and melty on the inside – divine!

Tin Foil Will Cook Almost Anything:

Fold a few sheets of tin foil and pop them into your bag when you head out camping. Tin foil will cook virtually anything you can think of, from jacket potatoes to shrimp.

Simply wrap your chosen food up tight (leaving a little room on top for steam) and just place on top of your camp fire – and voila! Perfectly cooked food in a little time.

You can prepare other foods like marinated meats etc prior to heading out, to make life a little easier also.

Pocket Knife:

You won’t realize how handy one of these is until you actually need it. A swizz army knife has everything a camper could ever want, from screwdrivers to corkscrews, saws and scissors.

Taking up a tiny amount of room in your backpack, packing one of these is always a no brainer for me.

Wet Gear:

Ok, so you have checked the forecast, and it’s promised nothing but sunny blue skies, ahead of your camping adventure.

But you would be surprised at how quickly conditions can deteriorate, I know I have been surprised and caught short more than once.

Fortunately, these days you can get wet gear that is minimal in size that can be tied to your bag, and weighs virtually nothing. You won’t regret packing these, should you be caught in a sudden change of weather!

These, in addition to the usual camping gear that you will pack, will make your trip one to remember.